Author Topic: Operation Supply Drop and Podtacular would like your help 'Slingers!  (Read 293 times)

Ladies and Gentlemen...

and Smackafied.

I would like to formally invite all of you to a gaming weekend that Podtacular is hosting for Operation Supply Drop.  Let's go ahead and get some of the formalities out of the way:

Operation Supply Drop helps both Active Duty and Veterans through gaming, among other things.  Since we have a multinational community here, it is worth mentioning that we not only support US forces, but NATO and ANZAC forces as well.  We support our allies. 

How do we do it?
For the active duty deployed- we ship GAEMS cases, complete with systems and games, as well as card and board games (because the power is not always on).  We also like to throw in Tshirts, caps, stuff that reminds them of home.

We also help those at home.  In addition to the supply drops that we do stateside to hospitals and bases, we do Thank you Deployments- which give Veterans a once in a lifetime VIP experience.

And then, there are the teams- which are there to help support Veterans in local communities, and re-integrate them into the society they knew before they joined the Military.

"So, Option, what does Halo have to do with this?"

Well, we have streaming marathons.  On March 4th, we will begin a 36 hour streamathon, through our channel, and with the help of Podtacular, on their channel as well.  The goal? Having fun.   no- seriously.  Look, raising money is great- but helping Veterans is better.  Can we do both? Sure.  But I want to emphasize that money is not the ultimate goal here.  We want to have gamers, and have people playing some cool games with Vets.  That simple :D

Ok, so that's my pitch.  Do or Do not, there is no try.  I have made a handy dandy form through Google to make signup even easier. It's right here:

Even if you don't stream, you should still sign up to play (which is also an option there.  It's.... not...disabled........HAR!)

So, what say you Gunslingers?  Can we re-energize the once great Halo Community?  Can we make this happen?