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REQUIRED READING >>Community Bylaws<<
« on: Oct. 23, 2007, 12:21 AM »
The MidWorld Forum is a shelter from the tempest of hostilities of online gaming.  This is a service that we provide to you as our guest.  We ask that you regard your access to this forum as a privilege, and not a right.  In the interest of sustaining harmony and tactical chatter, we insist that the following guidelines be followed.  Tied the Leader is about fun, not rules.  We just find that the rules tend to safeguard the fun.  Your tenure as a member of the MidWorld Community is contingent upon your compliance with the following...

Maintain a Singular Identity.
Your identity in MidWorld should correspond to an active online gaming account. Displaying a name other than your gaming handle defeats the matchmaking purposes of this website. You are allowed only one login on this forum. No shapeshifters.

Focus Primarily on the Game.
The most valuable interactions enabled on this forum unite worthy teammates in an online game. Tied the Leader exists for a very specific reason.  We are here to play games together, or with you.

Play Your Very Best Game.
This is a question of character, not skill. Your conduct as a Community Ally is most crucial in-game. As a member of this community, you are a direct reflection on every member of every allied clan. When you find yourself on our team, we expect that you will respect our respective values and bylaws.

Avoid Controversy or Debate.
The Internet is riddled with corners where you can propagate your opinions on firebrand topics like politics or religion. This is not one of them. This gaming community represents a broad spectrum of diversity. Exploring what sets us apart will only compromise what brings us together.

Don't Post Angry.
Conflict Resolution will be conducted by TTL Staffers and GGN Delegates. You are welcomed and encouraged to report offensive posts to the moderators of this forum. Should you have an axe to grind with a member, send a private message. Language that promotes open conflict will be suppressed in favor of private mediation.  Keep it clean!

Respect the Clan Tag.
Tied the Leader has one official clan. The TTL brand is reserved for the Gunslingers. Please do us the courtesy of not donning the TTL uniform unless you are [or were] listed on this roster.

Don't Clutter the Joint.
The following standards for the signature graphics that accompany posts on these boards will be enforced:  The maximum size for a signature graphic is 100 pixels high - and you only get one. We ask everyone to keep their signatures relatively tasteful. If they are safe for work, they are safe for MidWorld.

Abuse Not to be Tolerated.
Harassment of any sort will be dealt with swiftly and finally; be it verbal, sexual, metaphorical, metaphysical, geopolitical, etc. This extends from the forum to the game. Entrance into the Embassy is completely reversible. The GGN does not exist to teach anyone how to behave with honor. You are expected to bring those sensibilities with you.

Hospitality for Newcomers.
Recruitment is the life-blood of all clans in the GGN. While everyone is encouraged to make a showing of hospitality when new recruits arrive, we would ask that you refrain from mocking individuals who exhibit clear signals that they will not be a fit for this community. If someone does not represent an asset, please leave them to the attention of the Staff. We will deal with them ourselves.

Piracy is Verboten.
It is no secret that industry gossip and spoilers for projects in development are currency among gamers. Tied the Leader does not exist to break stories about the industry we follow. We prefer to let the game developers be the ones who spring the surprise at the time of their choosing.  The dissemination of leaked, pirated, stolen, unauthorized, or unlicensed materials will be censored immediately.

Play to Win and Have Fun.
Competitive spirits and theatrics aside, Tied the Leader is a recreational gaming community. Our membership partakes in the pastime of gaming in the interest of a good time. A sense of humor is critical to successful interactions with the individuals to be found on these boards. Keep the events enabled by this forum in perspective - as a hobby for the sake of enjoyment.
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