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SSG's GGN Invitational 2v2 Halo: MCC tournament
« on: Mar. 19, 2015, 8:19 PM »
SSG's GGN Invitational 2v2 Halo: MCC tournament

Date: April 17th 2015 at 8PM EST

Synopsis:  This tournament is open to all members of a GGN clan, in good standing.  It is designed to pull the community together and play some of the awesome games available.

Rules:  This 2v2 tournament will take place exclusively in the Master Chief Collection.  While this is all about fun, there are a few rules that need to be followed.

Tournament Structure
-2v2 Double elimination bracket tournament in the Halo Master Chief Collection if there are 8 or fewer teams, Single Elimination if there are 9 or more teams.
-Seeding will be randomized the day before the tournament starts.
-Tournament must have a minimum of 4 teams to sign up before it will happen.
-There is a maximum of 16 teams allowed to register.
-Each round of the tournament will be given a set of three gametypes/maps.  All teams will play the same combination.
-All matches in a tournament round will be played on a specific Halo game.  ie, Round 1 will be Halo: CE, Round 2 Halo 2, etc.

-Registration will be accepted either by posting on the SSG website at or via message over XBL to SSG Thor.  These are the only guaranteed ways you will get in the tournament.
-Entrance to the tournament is limited to members of GGN clans only.
-Each clan may have multiple teams entered.
-Entrants must be full members of a clan to represent that clan.
-Each team's gamertags must be the exact same on this site as on XBL.  Please get the spelling exact.
-Each team must have one person designated as the reporter.
-Home and away teams will be decided at random before the tournament starts.

Match Play
-Each team has 10 minutes to show up to their scheduled match.  Failure to do so will result in a match forfeit.
-At the end of each match the designated reporter must message the results to SSG Thor via Xbox LIVE message.
-If one team wins the first two rounds in a match the losing team may forfeit the final round.
-No exiting the normal boundaries of a map.
-No exploits.  You know what they are, don't use them.
-No teabagging or other unsportsmanlike actions.  This is the GGN, let's keep it friendly.
-No roster changes may happen once the tournament starts on April 17th 2015.
-No changing the game type and/or maps for a round.  ie, the choices of Slayer/Warlock, One Flag/Battle Creek and Oddball/Hang 'em High, you may not choose to do Slayer on Battle Creek.  The combinations may not be modified.
-The game type/map combinations do not have to be played in the order they are given.
-Home team will host match 1 and 3.  Away team will host match 2.
-Away team picks red or blue.
-Away team will pick which gametype/map will be used on match 1, Home team will pick gametype/map 2.

Maps and game types:

Game types
-all game types use default rules.

Halo: CE
One Flag
King of the Hill

Halo 2
One Flag
King of the Hill

Halo 3
One Flag
King of the Hill

Halo 4
Infinity Slayer
Neutral Flag
King of the Hill


Halo CE
Battle Creek
Hang 'em High
Rat Race (?)

Halo 2
Beaver Creek
Ivory Tower

Halo 3:
The Pit

Halo 4:

-Winning team gets a $5 Xbox live code each.

Sign up roster:

*Use the following template to register*
Clan represented:
Team member 1:
Team member 2:

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Re: SSG's GGN Invitational 2v2 Halo: MCC tournament
« Reply #1 on: Mar. 21, 2015, 4:23 PM »
Carbon and I will be one of the teams representing OcR! We are really looking forward to this!