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So, you think you know competitive Halo, eh?  I'm sure when you hear the terms "competitive Halo" you close your eyes and picture maps like Sanctuary, The Pit, Midship, Lockout, or the smaller maps of old.  What if I told you that you were programmed to believe that's the only form of competitive Halo there is, when in reality it is much, much bigger?

Big Team Battle doubles the meager 4v4 variants and pits two teams of eight players against one another, featuring a much more expansive offering of the Halo sandbox.  And yes, it's competitive too. is hosting a Prize Money tournament this spring with the help of DaveEasily, to pit 8 teams against one another for a $1000 grand prize.  Although at its heart, the tournament is an invitational, excess teams can battle through a play-in tournament the day before the official tournament on May 4th.  Check out full details at the official BTBnet forums sign-up thread:

Matches will be a Best of 5 for Round 1 with the latter two rounds as Best of 7s, featuring a sampling of gametypes from the Official BTBnet Fileshare.

Don't miss your chance to assemble your seven (to eleven) closest friends to create a roster for your chance to compete in the BTBnet Spring 2013 $1000 Tournament!

Be ready, though, as BTBnet veteran team (and 4-time champions) Wake Up are looking to defend their crown, among the likes of Master Theory and Sudden Death.  But if you can secure your spot in the tournament and make it past these veterans of BTB, you and your team will earn a share of the $1000 pot up for grabs this Spring!