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Hey all my name is Thrashy...Well actually its Thrasymachus but no one in their right mind can pronounce that so Thrashy is much easier.  Lets get down to business shall we...

     Just wanted to say Hi to all newcomers to the sight.  There is a ton of stuff here to read and learn and sometimes it can get pretty overwhelming.  I will try not to go over all that Xerxdeej has posted below as that would be redundant (saying that you should read all of the below posts as it will help you get acclimated).  I did want to say that if you have and questions or concerns please feel free to message me directly.  Imagine me as your beloved door guy.  Im happy to try to answer all questions and help you get plugged in to the site and the community.

     This is the Recruitment site for the GGN.  It is the front door if you will and your key to all of the clans that represent the GGN.  The GGN is a great group of clans (that TTL is honored to be a member) that are committed to a gaming environment that is positive and fun.  I am sure that all who had spent anytime online can vouch that the environment of online gaming can be a negative and at times a lonesome place.  The GGN is a group of clans who are committed to providing their members to an online experience that is anything but that.  You should strongly seriously consider taking time out to visit their sites as well.  Although this is the front door in order to experience and get to know the members of a specific clan you will need to go over and log into their specific site.  Also it will help the particular clan know that you are truly interested in them.  ( Just a piece of advice here but if I was trying to show interest the first thing I would do is go to that clans site, log in, and set up some games with them directly...don't tell anyone I said this though   ;) )

     We welcome all but it is also important that you find a group of gamers that you like.  TTL is but one of the many clans that visit this site and rely on this board to screen and find new members.  Each clan ,like everything else, has its strengths and weaknesses and it will be important that you find the group that most embodies your online gaming style.  We have competitive clans and more recreational ones.  Each has its own personality and many of these clans game with each other mixing rooms on a nightly basis.  Each would be a great place to join and get involved with.  

     In the end its my job to make you comfortable here and see if we can get you plugged into the site, friends list filled, and heighten your online experience.  Again feel free to message me if I can facilitate that process in any way. Plug yourself in you'll be glad you did

See you in matchmaking

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