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ATF's Tuesday Night Battle!
« on: Jul. 25, 2010, 7:36 PM »

In all honesty, ATF has been out of the loop for awhile... but now we're ready for a comeback! We are looking to have a clan match every Tuesday night (at least), so let us know if you're interested!

-We are going to accept the first clan that challenges us, beginning the Wednesday following each clan match.

-If we do not have a match request by Monday, we will search for a match.

-We will not ask for any pre-set roster. We will only ask that all opponents represent one clan.

-We will not deliver a pre-set roster. We assure that all members entering the match from our side are ATF members.

-We aren't doing this because we think everyone wants to challenge us (lol), but we need to compete in more clan matches to grow as a clan and to strengthen inter-clan relations, as well as intra-clan relations.

-We will play with any team size between 4v4 and 8v8, depending on the number of available players from each clan.

-We are willing to play best-of-3, best-of-5, or best-of-7. Name your choice! (The challenging clan will pick the same amount of maps/gametypes and ATF, and the two clans should decide on the final map/gametype together).

-We are mostly available toward the later end of the night, beginning around 9PM EST.

-We will be doing a write-up for every clan match and posting it on our front page. Don't miss your chance for 15 minutes of fame in ATF-land!

Signing up for this event is easy, just click here and post in the thread to let us know you're interested!

Remember, first-come, first-serve. So don't miss out! We are starting on short notice, the first Tuesday being THIS Tuesday, July 27!

ATF loves you!
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