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Greetings, Challengers.

On behalf of our Staff of Challenge Captains, I bid you welcome to what we intend to be a gaming experience of the highest possible quality.  In order to keep that promise, we ask that you will embrace a structure that has worked well for us over years of planning inter-clan events that are more meaningful than the standard multiplayer match-up.  What follows are our Standard Operating Procedures.  They are simple, but they are mandatory.  Interactions between our two clans can come in several different forms.  In any case, all expected forms of sportsmanship and respect will be observed. You can invite the Gunslinger to a party or a war.

Please choose from one of the following:

This is a Competitive event in which score is kept and a winner is declared.  In our experience, the term "Recreational Challenge" sets confusing expectations.  If you issue a Challenge, you should be ready to measure your very best game against the most dangerous response of which we are capable.   If we feel that we are no longer playing certain games competitively, we may respectfully reject your challenge in favor of one of the more casual events listed below.  This is in the interest of respecting your valuable game-time more than defending a track record.  In the event that the TTL Gunslingers feel practiced enough to honor your Challenge, we will insist on this proven format.
Each team that plays in a Challenge will have the chance to select their preferred home-field advantage.
   1. You pick a match
   2. We pick a match
   3. A mutually-agreeable date is set
   4. A third-round match [ideally, a tie-breaker] is chosen as a game-time decision by those who show up to play
   5. Additional exhibition rounds in which team rosters are shuffled may be played in the event that we are well met.

Gunslinger Escorts
This is a Social event that aims at the heart of the TTL Experience - that being online Matchmaking against random opponents.  If your objective is to see your clan get better acquainted with our clan, we would suggest a Joint Venture in your game of choice.  Playing on the same team is the surest means of making friends.  Sharing chatter and tactics is what makes us Allies.  If you would like to conscript a Gunslinger Escort, please put your boots on the following line.
   1. Choose your game and your playlist.
   2. Volunteer enough players to populate half of the in-game squad.
   3. Invite us to populate the other half.
   4. Save the mutually agreeable date, and show up for game time.
   5. Get some.

This is a Recreational event - and it is not a Challenge.  No opponents.  No rosters.  No matchmaking.  No teams - at least not along traditional lines.  Bring your most ridiculous custom games, set on your most outlandish forged creations.  If all you are interested in is some unstructured fun, we can do that.  Load up your File Shares and host a party.

 - - -

The more detailed you can be in your invitation to a good game - no matter which format you choose - the more likely it is to be accepted.  In the event that our two communities are not yet affiliated, you should share with us a link to your website so that we can know who is knocking on our door.  Tell us about yourselves, and exactly what flavor of action you seek.

We look forward to meeting you on the field of battle of your choosing.