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Who's Who In MidWorld: Roles and Titles
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Uncategorized Users
Newcomers to the community:  Evolution is acheived through being promoted by membergroup.  Access is limited to the Guest Book.  Profile creation and messaging are enabled.  This is the first step in recruitment.  A guest should be petitioning for alliance with the MidWorld Community or issuing a challenge that will result in the same.  No loitering!

Big Coffin Hunter
These gamers have forgotten the faces of their fathers:  They were "sent west" for infractions of Tied the Leader's Community Bylaws.  All forum privileges are stripped.
MidWorld becomes a read-only limbo.

Community Ally
Respected personas of the Good Game Network:  Access is extended to the Embassy, in which gamers socialize, strategize, seek out worthy teammates, and form posses for gametime.  Allies are either agents from GGN Network Affiliates, members of unaffiliated clans, gamers who seek a clan of their own, or independent freelance mercenaries looking for enhanced action.

Community Ambassador
Notable contributors to the gaming community:  Ambassadors may include journalists from the gamer press, development industry representatives, or leaders of communities that do not constitute a clan.  Privileges are identical to that of a GGN Delegate, with access extended to the General Assembly as a guest of the Good Game Network.

GGN Delegate
Leaders or Staffers from allied clans in the Good Game Network:  Access is extended to the General Assembly, a hub of clan leadership and community management.  Clan leaders network for the purposes of sharing of best practices, collaborative recruitment, and insuring diplomatic relations on the Internet.

GGN Representative
Members of the GGN Security Council:  Each GGN Affiliate appoints one Representative who casts a vote on behalf of their respective communities, guaranteeing an equal share in power and authority.  Motions brought before the Security Council include policy, new alliances, expulsion, and conflict resolution.

Gunslinger Emeritus
One-time members of the Official Clan of Tied the Leader:  Gunslingers may be removed from active duty for various reasons.  Some resign, as their interest in gaming fades.  Some disappear, and are reclassified after two months of consecutive absence from the game or this forum.  Emeritus is an honorable distinction for someone who was once a member of our home team.

TTL Gunslinger
Active members of the Official Clan of Tied the Leader:  We are KaTet.  We are one from many.  We deal in lead.  The TTL clan tag is the exclusive brand of the Gunslingers.  Tied the Leader vouches for the gamers on our Active Roster.  Positive feedback from these individuals leads to entering MidWorld as a Community Ally.  Gamers in this category can also carry TTL titles that indicate their status on the Tied the Leader Staff [see below].

TTL Staffer
Correspondents:  Content creators for the TTL webring.
Ambassadors:  Moderators of the allied community.
Morale Sergeants:  Elected representatives serving a temporary term.
Moderators: Board-specific managers of discussion and conduct.

TTL Leadership Community
Executive Officers:  Website management and community leadership.
Overlords Clan founders, old and grizzled.
Clan Captains:  In-game leadership and war room strategy.
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