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Welcome.  So, you want to join up...

Perhaps you need a clan.  Perhaps you are in a clan that needs more allies.  Regardless of your affiliations, the MidWorld Forum is an ideal venue for a gamer to enhance the company that they are keeping when they are engaged in online play.  Our Embassy is structured to enable networking, recruitment, skirmishes, or tactical joint-ventures.

The Good Game Network is always on the lookout for the finest gamers to be found online.  This is the discussion forum intended for you to submit yourself to consideration for membership.  You should not consider this application exclusive to joining the TTL Gunslingers.  Our Recruitment Office is a crucial resource shared by all GGN Affiliates.  To begin, please peruse our standards for ideal personnel.

Applicant Qualifications:
  • 21 years of age. No minors in the Saloon.*
  • An online gaming account. A key for the door.
  • Headset. Team Chatter is our finest weapon.
  • Willingness to comply with all In-Game Bylaws and Forum Regulations.

If you fit the bill, please feel free to submit an application.  To begin the screening process to join the Community, start a New Topic on this Recruitment Board with your petition for membership.  The title of that topic should be your gamertag.  This thread will accompany you as you migrate deeper into the forum - a living record of your time here.  Membership will be granted based on in-game concuct.  Sponsorship can be obtained from a TTL Gunslinger, or a leader of a GGN Affiliate Clan.   

Communicate the following...
  • Gamertag:
  • Affiliated Community [if applicable]:
  • How you learned about us:
  • Location:
  • Age:

Optional, but much appreciated...
  • What you know about us:
  • Game Title(s) and gametypes/playlists you prefer:
  • Why you play games online:
  • How often you are online:
  • Your favorite accomplishment as a gamer:

Your use of the high speech will be appreciated.  In the age of Internet shorthand, Tied the Leader still believes in effective communication.  We look forward to meeting you!  Thank you for your interest in playing a good game.

*Our age requirement is strictly enforced.  While we do not equate age with maturity, Tied the Leader has always been an environment with an adult sensibility.
Gamers who are younger than our minimum age may find themselves grandfathered into the MidWorld Embassy as a member of an Affiliate Clan in the Good Game Network.
No persons younger than 18 years of age will be admitted under any circumstances.
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